First Lunch

000_0617The chard is progressing, but not as quickly as its yellow-headed companion. So for my first lunch of the long weekend, I turned (again) to dandelion greens. A recipe for greens and potatoes had recently caught my eye, so I picked a bowlful of greens and set some potatoes (chunked) to boil.

Meanwhile, I tried to recollect the recipe. (Couldn’t look it up because high-speed Internet has yet to come to my stretch of the valley.) Pretty sure it was just mashed potatoes with greens… why had it sounded so appealing?

Oh, of course.

It was topped with buttered bread crumbs. What isn’t good with buttered bread crumbs?

Didn’t have any of these, so I extrapolated. Crispy, greasy, salty….

OK. The potatoes were about tender by that point, so I drained them. Meanwhile, covered the bottom of a heavy pot with olive oil. Threw the potatoes back in to fry on one side. So far, so good. But it had been a long drive. I needed to be sure of an excellent lunch. So I threw in some chunks of feta to fry alongside the potatoes.

I served the crispy, greasy, salty mess over some quickly sautéed greens; slightly bitter and chewy, they were the perfect foil for all that starchy indulgence. Someday I’ll try the dish that inspired this one; I bet it’s pretty darn good, too.


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