Full of greens

After a day-long battle with weeds—and their long roots, too—I was hungry. Plus, I had a LOT of greens.  But at a certain point, the idea of greens as main dish loses its appeal. And I was there.  Abundance had become overwhelming.000_0618

Looking for new ideas, I turned to my John Thorne, who in Serious Pig offered not so much inspiration as sympathy:

“It would be a different matter if I simply disliked greens, but I don’t … it’s just that in eating them, I walk a tightrope between pleasure and actual physical revulsion. It’s like the edginess I get eating blood sausage or tripe gumbo—there’s something here that cuts a little too close to the bone.”000_0620

Oh, John, I know just how you feel. But greens were what I had, the corner store was closed for the evening, and a round-trip to the next-nearest grocery store would have cost me almost an hour. So, I made focaccia with cheese, onions and thyme. And did my best to civilize a side dish of greens with some raisins, pine nuts, and a bit of vinegar. 000_0621And it was good.

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