Best. Egg Salad. Ever.

000_0683Some would say that I have no business writing about egg salad at all, for reasons that will be clear in a moment. To them I say: whatever. Mayonnaise is disgusting. I don’t mean the homemade kind, which I think of as thickened olive oil, but even the faintest odor of the jarred kind, wafted from a sandwich several seats over, is enough to make me gag. I don’t care if it’s Miracle Whip or Hellman’s or some all-natural organic chef-sanctioned brand or what. I’m not eating it. So, needless to say, egg salad is not really part of my repertoire. Not even sure what made me think of it this evening, but think of it I did, and it occurred to me that avocados might make a nice stand-in for the nasty whitish stuff that usually serves as a binder. Yes. And with the addition of lemon, capers, red pepper, arugula…. heaven.

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