Green eggs, no ham

Just like humans, plants go through an awkward stage, and just like humans, that stage coincides with the first powerful urges for reproductive activity. For us, gangly adolescence happens relatively early in the life cycle; it is something we (and our poor parents) suffer while it lasts and then live on to remember with smiles and eye-rolling. For plants, though, it is the beginning of the end. Which means those of us who care for plants have the option of simply putting the poor things out of their misery—and into our mouths.000_0768

So, this morning I cut down a bunch of bolted chard and arugula—plus some tender young dandelion—for my breakfast. Blanched it, squeezed it out, then mixed with a couple of eggs and some fresh ricotta. Served with chopped tomatoes, red onion and lemon thyme.000_0765

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