sharing the wealth

000_0704In these post-radish, pre-tomato days, it is nice to experience abundance in other areas of the gardens… to a point. My gut can barely keep up with the hygenic demands of the fields of green–I’ve spent the last week thinning the lettuces, cutting back the bolted chard and arugula, and then thinning the lettuces some more. (Unlike the rest of the garden, they don’t seem to mind the cool, rainy weather we’ve been having.) That’s a lot of leafy greens! Later in the opera season, I’ll be able to present my colleagues with fresh-picked lettuces, but these days it seems no one’s schedule allows them the luxury of constructing a meal at home. There is, however, one company member who is happy to help me out. 000_0775JC stars in our production of The Consul. Sure, it’s only a supernumerary role, but everyone knows that kids and cute animals always steal the show. Keep burning those calories, JC. There’s plenty more where this came from.


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