improvised capers

I was in need of something sharp-flavored to perk up yet another plate of squash…. and craving olives. But not craving them enough to make the trek into Cooperstown. Hmm.

It is well-known among the kind of people that know such things that pickled nasturtium buds can serve as a substitute for capers. My plants were mostly past the bud state, alas. However, some of them had proceeded past the flowers into fruit.

I know I sometimes go overboard with my anthropomorphic descriptions of plants, but these little seed sacs…. well, I’ll just post a picture of a pair and leave it at that.000_0893

I’ve never read or heard anything about eating nasturtium fruits, so I tried one raw. Kind of sharp and watercressy–seemed worth sacrificing a bit of vinegar on an experiment. I brought some to a boil, added a little honey and a lot of salt, then threw in the little green fruits, which are about the size of a pea. After steeping for a bit, they tasted pretty good. Not as distinctly caper-y as the buds (I did have a few of those), but they made an interesting enough contrast with the smooth, bland squash.000_0895

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