cold house? bake cookies.

Following recipes is not really my thing, therefore baking is not really my thing. But I’ve learned that biscotti can take a fair amount of experimentation/abuse. Once I accidentally doubled the butter (measurements aren’t my thing) and they were fine. Actually, better than fine—as one might expect on any occasion that includes double the butter.

I still have a pile of kumquats from my recent travels, so I thought I might try making some sweet-savory biscotti with candied kumquat and coriander.

I used Mark Bittman’s recipe… more or less. I substituted extra virgin olive oil for the butter and cornmeal for some of the flour. I interpreted “pinch salt” quite liberally. I added a bunch of sliced almonds and chopped candied kumquats with (lots of) coriander. I skipped the whole business about buttering and flouring the pan—lining with foil is much simpler and also allows you to easily lift out the logs for slicing.

Cook’s treat: leftover coriander-kumquat syrup is very nice with gin.

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One Comment on “cold house? bake cookies.”

  1. Nathan Says:

    This recipe sounds Amazing, Kelley! I wish I could have tasted it!!! 🙂

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