winter garden

Much as I love to garden, indoor plants have never been my thing. I made a half-hearted effort with some funny-looking succulents in my office once, but they would not have survived without some intervention from my colleagues.

But sometimes one thing leads to another… I ordered seeds for the Roseboom plot in January, and soon after that began looking at sources for fruit trees (I’m considering a blueberry hedge). Somehow I found myself staring at a site selling dwarf citrus, suitable for growing indoors. Sometimes it’s just a little too easy to point and click.

So, I had to go to Home Depot to buy a pot. And some dirt. And it became apparent that these things are true:

Clay pots are cheap.

Dirt comes in large bags.

Seed packets contain way more than I need for Roseboom.

I miss having green things in my life.

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2 Comments on “winter garden”

  1. lisa Says:

    I used to start plants in Maryland, and drive them up to Springfield Center every summer. That was pretty insane.

    There’s something about the not-quite-end-of-winter that inspires all sorts of acts of gardening folly.

  2. fullofbeans Says:

    Yeah, I always thought seed starting in the city was a little crazy, since buying actual tomato plants from Richie is not that much of a splurge… this must mean that I am ready to be a committed gardener.

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