Planting season is almost upon us, and it’s a good thing, because I just used up the last squash of 2009.

The best way to deal with hard squash is to hack them into a few chunks, remove the seeds, the throw the chunks into the oven until they soften a bit; then it’s easy to slide a small knife between skin and flesh. After I did this, I cut the squash (two butternut) into chunks of about 1/2 inch or so and threw them in a pot with one can coconut milk, one can water, a pile of chopped ginger, a chopped jalapeno, a medium-sized thwack of peanut butter, and some salt. As it heated, it occurred to me that the mixture could use a little chew and something to balance the sweetness, so I added some brown rice. Once the rice was cooked, I finished the stew with zest and juice of one lime plus a bunch of chopped cilantro.

Bring on the zucchini!

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