omelette aux not-so-fines herbes

Very often the cycles of our cravings and the cycles of the world around us are intertwined. In the deep midwinter, when there’s nothing left of the garden but a few sacks of dried beans, nothing tastes better than a long-simmered pot of them. And in April and May, just when we’re craving some acerbic greenness, the dandelions sprout forth. I was looking forward to their bracing, bitter freshness as I planned my most recent trip to Roseboom, but then the weather turned nasty and I was in the mood for comfort food. Unfortunately my schedule was not going to accommodate anything long-simmering. Fortunately I had a nice hunk of sharp cheddar in the fridge, and a selection of strong tasting green stuff beginning to sprout: oregano, cilantro, chives, garlic tops. And, OK, why not include a few dandelions?

Not only were the herbs distinctly unsubtle, I didn’t even attempt anything like an omelette. But you know what? The gooey, savory mess was exactly the right thing for a cold spring evening.

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