problem solving

Wednesday morning, 5am: Roll out of bed. Practice. Weed. Thin seedlings. Select lettuce and herbs for girls’ night salad, plus a handful of greens for breakfast. Wash the various leaves. I’m firing on all cylinders but still pretty focused and calm. Open refrigerator to check for a lemon.


The night before, I came home to a refrigerator not doing its job. It was late, I was tired, so I decided to believe that I must’ve left the door slightly ajar all day. After all, the freezer was just fine. More important, I do not have time for this.

The door was definitely shut tight all night, but the temperature has still not dropped. And I definitely do not have time for this. Luckily, this time of year there is not much in the fridge, or at least not much that needs to be there. I tend to use the appliance as a pest barrier for things like flour and sugar…. most of my diet in the summer goes straight from the plot to the plate. But there are eggs and cheese that must be dealt with. OK, frittata time. I can use up the perishables, have a piece for breakfast, then keep the rest in the breakroom fridge and eat for lunch or dinner or snacks.

Chop potatoes. While they’re cooking, cut more greens and crumble cheese. It is almost seven and I am teaching at eight. Will the potatoes to cook faster. Layer everything in pan, throw in oven, jump in shower, get dressed. Check frittata. Not yet. Throw mats and laptop in truck. Check frittata again. It is now 7:25. Reason that if it is not quite done, it will finish cooking in its heavy pan, even after being removed from the oven. Run under broiler. Throw hot pan, Tupperware and spatula in truck, figuring the frittata can cool during class and be put away afterwards. Drive away feeling slightly frazzled, slightly triumphant. Realize that an equally acceptable response to the broken fridge would have been boiled eggs.

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