It seems incredible that the garden has been monochromatic for so long. But it’s not that the squashes and tomatoes and melons are late—it’s that the greens came so early. There’s lettuce, lettuce everywhere, and not a thing to eat. My search for varied treatments is complicated this year by my lack of refrigeration—eggs and cheese can be great for mixing things up, but they’re not part of my palette at the moment.

A typical morning harvest looks like this…

 … which became shells with walnuts, garlic scapes, random greens and herbs, red pepper, coriander.

And salad, of course.

 Today, I’m eating assorted greens, cooked with rice and spices in coconut milk. Not so pretty, but delicious.

 The tomatoes can’t come soon enough… but I’m not complaining. Just because the garden isn’t offering much variety doesn’t mean I can’t keep things interesting.

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3 Comments on “monochromatic”

  1. Mike Says:

    I like pretty much anything cooked in coconut milk. Beans and rice, various curries, and fish all come to mind.

  2. Mike Says:

    Don’t think I have had squash cooked with coconut milk, but it definitely sounds good!

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