no-lettuce lunch

The garden is finally beginning to throw off a few edibles of the non-leafy variety. Today I pulled three turnips and plucked a couple of handfuls of peas.

Also, I have a new favorite weed: purslane. It grows along the ground, rather than reaching for the sun, so unless you’re on your hands and knees getting after the tall weeds, you’re likely to miss it. Today, getting after the tall weeds, I discovered it everywhere. Unlike dandelion and many other “found” greens, it has a very mild taste. I also appreciate that the leaves are thick and plump—a nice change from the flimsy salad greens that have made up so much of my diet these past months. If there were a Purslane Marketing Council, the slogan could be “Less bite, more chew.”

The young turnips were mild enough to eat raw, so I sliced them thin, along with a golden beet and some peas in their pods. Then tossed in the purslane and dressed it all with a vinaigrette made with green coriander, mint and honey. Yum.

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2 Comments on “no-lettuce lunch”

  1. Mike Says:

    I’ve always enjoyed turnips cooked with their greens.

  2. Alan Herman Says:

    Have had pervasive purslane now for the last few years, and albeit I have heard that it was actually a terrific source of various nutrients, I have, aside from a few tentative tastes, been mostly pulling it out and tossing it over the fence…perhaps it is time to change my ways… thanks..!!

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