Squash is not a vegetable I’ve ever sought out. I plant it mostly because I like to throw impromptu dinner parties and it’s nice to have a reliable source of abundant, fresh foodstuff. But abundance has its challenges, especially when it comes to something you don’t lovelovelove. Over the last couple of years I’ve developed a few strategies for overcoming squash’s cool blandness–searing it on the grill, burying it underneath a blizzard of herbs, drowing it in a curry, etc. 

Maybe I’m beginning to develop a new appreciation for the subtleties of squash. Or maybe the string of sultry days is having its effect on my appetite. Either way, a dish of plain steamed squash now seems like heaven. 

A dollop of plain yogurt, olive oil, chives and mint helps.

Still, I continue to look for new ways to serve squash to unsuspecting dinner- and house-guests. A couple of days ago I made an amazing squash-coriander loaf. The recipe, adapted from How to Cook Everything, made enough batter for a few muffins as well. I had some leftover grated squash, so I improvised a squashcake: about a cup of squash, an egg, a spoonful of flour, herbs. Squashcake with a squashmuffin and a handful of fresh tomatoes: that’s what I call breakfast!

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2 Comments on “squashed”

  1. Mike Says:

    I remember zucchini bread and squash bread as late summer staples.

  2. Aileen Says:

    I doubt you need a recipe for such a thing, but Russell and I have made this many times since it was published, and it IS really lovely with white wine in the summer:


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